Kingstown Works

Kingstown Works Ltd (KWL) was established in 2006 and we operate as one of Hull and East Riding's leading building, repair and maintenance contractors. Our primary contracts are to provide extensive property services to approx 26,000 homes in the Hull area, which includes refurbishment of dwellings. We also deliver gas and maintenance services to over 22,000 homes and have built up an extensive private sector client portfolio. Since 2007, we have worked hard for the people of Hull and continue to show our commitment to making everyday life easier for residents by providing an efficient, personal and speedy service at all times.

We have a dedicated team of managers, supervisors and staff to ensure all our work meets the highest of standards. We employ approximately 390 local people and aim to be a 'one stop shop' for our customers. We do not just focus on doing the very best for our customers. We are also dedicated to helping our staff develop their skills and knowledge.