About the Business

We have worked with businesses around the area on everything from constructing entirely new buildings to converting and changing the use of existing ones. We can offer the planning services you need to get a project down on paper and through the planning process as well as making any revisions that are requested.

Once permission is in place, we can help with the actual construction work. Our experience includes a range of commercial properties from shops and offices to healthcare buildings and schools. We can work with your team or handle the construction elements entirely.

We are also available for assistance with ongoing changes to your building as the time comes to make adaptations. Perhaps you need to change the use of one floor of the building to accommodate a new process. Or you are extending the existing shop to have more storage. Whatever the project, we are here to help.
Location & Hours

Showsite, 252 Langmuir Rd

Glasgow, G69 7RR
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